Summer Break

Matthew Jakubowski

Lotion the baby’s scar. Mail widowed aunt a birthday card. Register voters to avoid rise of fascism. Study simple email encryption. Sign up for identity-theft protection. Learn about probate court. Read tips on speechwriting. Consider automatic college-savings deposit increase. Ask around about good tax advisors. Set up wireless printer. Call power company about tree-trimming. Thaw food for tomorrow. Bone up on grant-writing. Throw away rotten peaches. Talk to neighbor about court date. Clear trash from side yard drain. Mail the movies back. Lotion the baby’s scar.


Matthew Jakubowski is a fiction writer, essayist, and literary critic. He was born in Virginia, grew up in Germany, Australia, and around the U.S., and now lives in West Philadelphia. His short fiction is forthcoming from The Brooklyn Rail, and is available online in places like Corium, decomP, 3:AM Magazine, and Minor Literature[s]. He tweets @matt_jakubowski.

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