So, I Have a Question

Martha Silano

If flowers are my hell if my laughter is the business of yada do I have to be a cat on a leash do you think or does my joy work like a back-in parking spot does it feed me parades can I utilize bunnies to bear witness and what about the commented coma-ed and comma-ed on and what about the geese and what about the IMO in a garden where a post-mindfulness seminar is in progress no harm done don’t do harm please no doing nothing but good to dogs or birds or bees besides it’s just these grassy situations more yadas more of a man with a weapon more anybody at all it doesn’t matter rural or urban all in the same orbit of harm of the posting of slogans of rain on every pagoda of it’s raining bunnies so why not respond by bringing these cans of vegetables to the free pantry with having conversations of not just yada but saying hello to the homeless man gathering branches of holly


Martha Silano is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Gravity Assist (Saturnalia Books, 2019). Martha’s poems have appeared in Poetry, Paris Review, American Poetry Review, and AGNI, among others. She teaches at Bellevue College. Her website can be found at