Of Magic & Moses

Kate Finegan

True, I saw him standing in the street, facing the traffic, lifting his hands & when he did, I thought of magic & Moses & true, the cars did stop, but not with my help & as I stood in the ticket line & felt him pass behind me, true, I felt a chill despite the heat wave & wondered if I would see him on the platform, standing on the yellow stripe & yes, it’s true, I did & watched as the train pulled in, wondered if he’d step onto the track of air & be pulled under & yes, his feet stayed put, but truth be told, when the train approached, I did nothing to help but turned away, listened for impact & sighed relief when it didn’t come.


Kate Finegan’s work has won contests with Thresholds, Phoebe, Midwestern Gothic, and The Fiddlehead, been runner-up for The Puritan’s Thomas Morton Memorial Prize, and been shortlisted for the Cambridge Short Story Prize. She is writing a novel, compiling a short story collection, reading submissions for The Masters Review and Augur Magazine, and living in Toronto. You can find her on Twitter @kehfinegan.

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