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Volume 9, Issue 11

Cover art by Judith Skillman


A Middle Finger Flipped on a School Bus by Davon Loeb
Lovebird by Hananah Zaheer
Rabbit by Wendy Elizabeth Wallace
The Appraiser by Siamak Vossoughi


Ghosting by Amanda Gaines
Here I am Joanne by Clea Bierman
The Seed or the Soil? by Shannon Frost Greenstein
The Wedding Party by K Chiucarello

Prose Poetry

Chandelier made of Spoons by Lindsey Heatherly
Excavation by Caleb Curtiss
After Seeing a Photograph in My Instagram Feed of Paul Nicklen Riding Atop Rolling Sea Ice, Risking His Life to Lasso a Perfect Photo, and I’m Thinking, Wow, I Can’t Even Stomach Getting the Mail Right Now by Jen Rouse

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