Black Velvet Shoes

Sarah Bennett

When I love you there is the scent of something rotten in the air and for inexplicable reasons I want to fuck you seven times on Tuesday but not once the entire month of December have you witnessed a romance it is foul in the morning you are foul after I spit my retainer onto the nightstand I kiss you we lay lovingly on the pillow where the cat’s asshole has also been together we are filthy the tea bag has grown mold its spores on sabbatical in our lungs when I love you it makes me hungry sometimes I eat you when I eat I do it wrong I have been sick I don’t know what hand holds the knife I have carved out riches impolitely both my canines are swords for the dead when I bite you hard it is possibly an ancestral force I am nauseous without drugs I need long breaks between periods of high intensity I am in need of a lint roller the ADHD clinic won’t get back to me sex with me is disgusting sex with everyone is disgusting I want to have sex with everyone I want a pair of black velvet shoes because I am a very cute girl there are certain sweaters I have never washed and no absolute evidence against my sociopathy I once dated a man who believed Justin Bieber was a lizard and I kept doing it for two years all my sins are suffocating as we speak in school kids even threw change on the ground to laugh when I picked it up and I always did it is rotten when I love this body is sick to be loved is no small feat


Sarah Bennett is a poet and therapist living in her hometown of Syracuse, NY with her roommate and her roommate’s cat. Outside of working and writing, she enjoys tending to her collection of trinkets, crafts such as beads on string, and experimenting with risotto. She can be found on Twitter at @SRB926.