A Trick She Does with the Knife

Eric Andrew Newman

My wife likes to do tricks with the small paring knife from the handsome block set we were given as a wedding gift. She likes to balance it on the end of her finger. She likes to flip it up in the air and catch it by the handle. She likes to play the knife game like Bishop in the movie Aliens. But most of all she likes to make it disappear. She does have legitimate uses for the knife, of course, such as cutting up avocados for salads, or slicing limes for Gin Rickeys. I would not recommend drinking and doing knife tricks at the same time. When she makes the small paring knife disappear, she waves her hands around and says abracadabra, and it vanishes right in front of your eyes. Sometimes the knife reappears under the fridge, sometimes it reappears behind the microwave. Once, it even reappeared at the bottom of the dishwasher. You never want to wash your nice knives in the dishwasher, because it will dull the blade. When my wife makes the knife disappear for the last time, she swiftly slides the blade into my side.


Eric Andrew Newman lives in Los Angeles with his partner and their dog. He works as an archivist for a nonprofit foundation by day and as a writer of flash fiction by night. He is the flash fiction editor at Okay Donkey and his writing has appeared in Atlas and Alice, Cleaver, Ellipsis Zine, Gargoyle, Necessary Fiction, and Quarter After Eight, among others.