2022 Award and Anthology Nominations

Pushcart Prize Nominations


Mid-Season by Siamak Vossoughi

All That Apply by Miriam Gershow


A Nigga Abroad by Matthieu Chapman

Snuffing by Lydia Buzzard


M is for Maud who was swept out to sea by Maureen Seaton

The Dog and Cat Circus by Joanna Penn Cooper


Sundress Publications: The Best of the Net Anthology


Dirty Lincoln by Kyle Seibel

Let Me Tell You a Ghost Story by Kayla Lightner


when i do these things by Nick Olson

The Other Side of Time by David Luntz


Everyone Has an Unreasonable Fear That Also Feels Like a Gift by Mary Biddinger

umbilicut by Tova Feldmanstern

Ants by Réka Nyitrai

Electricity by Ann Pedone

My family was like a Russian novel, everyone says by Carla Sarett

Carnival of Souls (2005) by Julia Story


Untitled by Rachel Coyne

Her by Jason R. Montgomery

Verde Frontiera by Fabio Lastrucci



Best Microfictions

Warmup by E.J. Schwartz

Kind, Heated House by Sean Ennis

Empty Handed by Phebe Jewell

That Vasectomy Talk by Sean Ennis

Finally Reduced by Ronit Plank

Fantastic Imaginary Creatures by Gerry LaFemina



Best Small Fictions

The Reindeer in Finland by Eric Scot Tryon

Blue-Orange by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

Scotty, Not Scott by Sherrie Flick

The Desert Tortoises of LA by Adam Straus

To the Shortage of Lifeguards That Will Live in This Rill by Pat Foran