2020 Award and Anthology Nominations

Pushcart Prize Nominations


Island Time by Jenn Stroud Rossmann (Vol 9, Iss 1)

Family Video by S. Craig Renfroe Jr. (Vol 9, Iss 7)


AGAIN by Kevin Grauke (Vol 9, Iss 8)

Shadowbox by Kristine Langley Mahler (Vol 9, Iss 12)

Prose Poetry

Chandelier made of Spoons by Lindsey Heatherly (Vol 9, Iss 11)

The hammered lover’s discourse in afterlife by Satya Dash (Vol 9, Iss 6)

Sundress Publications: The Best of the Net Anthology


Sleepover by Jeremy T. Wilson (Vol 9, Iss 6)

Active and Passive Voice by Dan Brotzel (Vol 8, Iss 9)


Little Fish by Allison Palmer (Vol 9, Iss 2)

1984 by Tom McAllister (Vol 8, Iss 9)

Prose Poetry

We Are All Michael Stipe in his Rolled-up Shirtsleeves by Beth Gilstrap (Vol 8, Iss 8)

Let’s Say Your Arm is Long by Di Jayawickrema (Vol 9, Iss 3)

circles and spheres and other well-rounded objects by Tara Stillions Whitehead (Vol 9, Iss 5)

Best Microfictions

I’m More Afraid of Being Who You Think I Am Thank You by Mary Thompson (Vol 9, Iss 3)

Knocking by Tommy Dean (Vol 9, Iss 5)

Fire Sale by Alyson DuTemple (Vol 9, Iss 6

The Margarita Truce of South Fifth Street by Damian Dressick (Vol 9, Iss 10)

Praying in the Motel Outside of Joshua Tree by Nathan Elias (Vol 9, Iss 5)

so you don’t hear me by Hannah Grieco (Vol 9, Iss 4)


Best Small Fictions

A Girl Climbs a Mountain by Ruth Joffre (Vol 9, Iss 9)

Lovebird by Hananah Zaheer (Vol 9, Iss 11)

Once a Fisherman by Caroljean Gavin (Vol 9, Iss 3)

Gingerbread by Nicole VanderLinden (Vol 9, Iss 8)

Translation by Maria Zoccola (Vol 9, Iss 12)