2019 Award and Anthology Nominations

Pushcart Prize Nominations


“Those That Dig, Those That Break” by Robert Maynor (Volume 8, Issue 1)

“Active and Passive Voice” by Dan Brotzel (Volume 8, Issue 9)


“Quebec City Communiques” by Molly Fuller (Volume 8, Issue 8)

“All the Things We Never Found” by Taylor Kirby (Volume 8, Issue 11)

Prose Poetry

“Stephen Hawking Waits for the Time Travelers” by Meghan Phillips (Volume 8, Issue 6)

“Allowable, Sure, But Potentially Doomed” by Janet Frishberg (Volume 8, Issue 2)


Sundress Publications: The Best of the Net Anthology


“Delicious Birds to Watch and Eat” by Kristin Bonilla (Volume 7, Issue 7)

“The Widows Club” by Rosemary Harp (Volume 8, Issue 3)


“Elephant Speak” by Amber D. Tran (Volume 7, Issue 8)

“Compound Presentation” by Anne Falkowski (Volume 8, Issue 3)

Prose Poetry

“Unreal City” by Tria Wood (Volume 7, Issue 8)

“Expert Advice for Decimating All Competition in the Arcade” by Ross White (Volume 7, Issue 9)


Best Microfictions

Before My Job Interview, Grandma Says to Treat the Glass Ceiling like It’s Nothing but a Sugar Glaze by Kathryn McMahon (Volume 8, Issue 4)

Bird Wings by Jennifer Todhunter (Volume 8, Issue 7)

Fertilizer by Michelle Ross (Volume 8, Issue 8)

The Day the Birds Came by Kyra Kondis (Volume 8, Issue 10)

What the Detectives Found in her Abandoned Car by Chelsea Stickle (Volume 8, Issue 10)


Best Small Fictions

A Preface to the Third Edition by Andrew Bertaina (Volume 8, Issue 3)

Burying the Lede by David Henson (Volume 8, Issue 9)

The Slippery Footed Man by Al Kratz (Volume 8, Issue 8)

86ed by Amelia Morand (Volume 8, Issue 11)

The Mermaids Grow Old by Kara Oakleaf (Volume 8, Issue 2)

The VERA (Vestal Review Award)